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The Book of Strange: A Journey

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Author: Fraser, Sylvia


Reference #: 2120

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List Price: $25.00

Doubleday Canada, Toronto, 1992. A Fine copy in dust wrapper. 375 pp.; Notes; Bibliography; Index.

“A lifelong student of philosophy, Fraser draws astonishing parallels between the new scientific model, now on the drawing board, and the mystical one intuited centuries ago by Western thinkers, such as Pythagoras, Plato, William James, Gottfried Leibniz and Carl Jung, as well as by the great Buddhist and Hindu seers.” “Five years in the making, The Book of Strange is Sylvia Fraser’s ambitious attempt to come to terms with spiritual and ‘paranormal’ events in her own life, not as an act of faith or credulity, but by demonstrating that they are valid reflections of universal reality open to all.”

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