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It Can’t Happen Here

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Author: Lewis, Sinclair


Reference #: 1720

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What if a Fascist Demagogue is Elected President?

Doubtless motivated by Lewis’s sense of the dangers inherent in the rise of Hitler, America’s new President sets up a dictatorship, arrests the editor of a small newspaper, and battles an anti-Fascist group set up in – where else! – Canada. In the words of General Edgeways in the opening chapter, addressing the Ladies’ Night Dinner at the Fort Beulah Rotary Club:

"For the first time in all history, a great nation must go on arming itself more and more, not for conquest – not for jealousy – not for war- but for peace! Pray God it may never be necessary, but if foreign nations don’t sharply heed our warning, there will, as when the proverbial dragon’s teeth were sowed, spring up an armed and fearless warrior upon every square foot of these United States, so arduously cultivated and defended by our pioneer fathers, whose sword-girded images we must be . . . or we shall perish!”

Hmmm . . .

A clean copy of the Collier & Son reprint of this novel originally published by Doubleday, Doran, New York, 1935. Uniform toning from glue migration on endpapers, otherwise a clean copy in tight binding. Small octavo in blue cloth, gilt spine titles, and cameo of author in blind on front cover.

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