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Women in Czechoslovakia

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Author: Brejchova, Jirina et al (Dr. Evzen Zeman, translator)


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The Role of Women in Czechoslovakia Prior to the Occupation of Prague by the Warsaw Pact and Russian Tanks

Czechoslovak Women’s Committee, Prague, 1963; square octavo; map endpapers; pp. 47 + [1]; illustrated with colour photographs.

An uncommon and important example of a politically-motivated book, ‘acquainting’ visitors from the West with the strong state of the Czech economy, and of the vital role that women have played. Thus, chapter headings include: “The Legal Status of Women in Socialist Czechoslovakia”; “All Avenues Are Open to Women”; “Women’s Share in Socialist Construction”; and “For a Happy Life in Peace”. In support of these messages, photographs show women as mothers, military pilots, scientists, agronomists and art lovers. A valuable source of the history of the Czech peoples in historical perspective prior to the rise of Alexander Dubcek and ‘Operation Danube’ in August, 1968.

“We all remember the notion that used to prevail that Socialism is suited for the economically less developed countries, but not for Czechoslovakia, a country which already before the Second World War was one of the ten most industrially advanced countries in the world” (p. 5). And, somewhat ironically given subsequent history: “The liberation of Prague by the Soviet Army on May 9th 1945 marked the definite defeat of Hitlerite Germany” (p. 7).

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